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BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide

BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide


I am a suicide loss survivor.  My Father chose to leave this life, Saturday, January 29, 2011. He was 64 years old... I was 4o years old.

As with any suicide, my world was turned upside down and I was immediately thrust into a cycle of sorrow, trauma, ptsd, uncertantiy about my own life and watched as my family slowly disinigrated over the sorrow.

I decided that this unwelcome tragic event was not going to write my story for me.

I immediately starting reaching out for help and sought out healing avenues, attended  my first support group and started on a path  experience healing, understanding and forgivness and to help empower others to heal from the loss of someone they love to suicide.

I navigated my way through with counseling, yoga, meditation, prayer, support groups, and several other Spiritual hHealing Practices.

I realize now, that true, deep, meaningful and transformational healing is possible...and I am living proof that You can survice the loss of a loved one to suicide, go on to live a full and abundant life filled with Joy, Love and Peace.

I attained my certification for Peer to Peer Bereavement Group Facilitator in 2016 and founded the group in December of 2018.

My goal with this group is to create a continued safe space within the community,  for those working through the grief of surviving the loss of a loved one to a suicide through peer to peer facilitated support and access to valuable community resources.

Everyone’s path to healing is different....But we ALL need support!

We are happy You are here!  

We look forward to Healing with You


BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide

BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide

BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide

Meet BoBo and Rosie. 

Two amazing Donkey's that were recent rescues from a ranch in Carmel Ca< where BoBo and buddy donkey Rosie along with 8 other abandoned donkeys were discovered by a neighbor after their owner took her life by Suicide.

Bo had some skin issues from being continually wet under his fur coat but that has been taken care of. 

Bo is a mammoth donkey, about 18 years old. 

*Rosie is a rare, white, standard size donkeys, who we guess, is about 8 years old. 

Rosie is a “live wire” who loves to inspire what we call donkey rodeo. She gets the rest of the herd running around like a bunch of barrel racers. 

Someone that claims to have known a previous owner of BoBo's says that he was ridden in a past Rose Parade.

BoBo and Rosie were adopted into the Rancho Burro Santuary Family, by Jim and Carlen Eckford, in Arroyo Grande, Ca. Where they will live out their days with the love and safety they deserve. Jim, Carlen and all their voluteers, are amazing Humans and Rancho Burro is a Very Special Place.

Rancho Burro is a 501 c3 Non-Profit.

Tom Truelson~Suicide Attempt & Loss Survior Blog

Tom Truelson~Suicide Attempt & Loss Survior~Blog

BoBo & Rosie ~ Two Donkey's Left Behind After Suicide

Tom Truelson~Suicide Attempt & Loss Survior~Blog

 I have lost loved ones to suicide and survived

a serious suicide attempt - I kept a journal leading

up to my attempt and maintained it for about nine

months after my survival.

Since then I have written numerous newspaper

articles on the sadness of suicide and on the suicide

epidemic - plus short essays.

I believe my journal and articles can be very helpful

and beneficial to those who have lost a loved on to 

suicide as well as those suffering from thoughts of


Google: fortheheartcries.blogspot.com 

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Every 40 seconds someone in the World dies by suicide.

 Every 41 seconds some is left behind to make sense of it.

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741

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